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Pre-Completion Inspection

Under the new regulations ( point 2.8) The developer must give the customer an opportunity to visit the new home, and appoint a suitably qualified inspector to carry out the pre-completion inspection on their behalf, before the completion date and within the five days after the notice to complete has been served.

This guidance provides details of the terms under which a suitably qualified inspector should provide the service.

An inspection of a property by a suitably qualified inspector should be non-disruptive and non-invasive and should assess fixtures, fittings and services by way of checks comparable with normal daily use.
It has been approved by an industry-wide technical working group in collaboration with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) and its availability is a requirement of the New Homes Quality Code.

Any suitably qualified inspector must comply with the following:

✅ Be a member of a recognized professional association experienced in surveying residential properties (e.g., RICS, RPSA, etc.) and which provides guidance on conducting Pre-Completion Inspections to its members 

✅ Hold relevant and adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance.

✅ Only work within their competency.

✅ Use this agreed checklist for the inspection.

SNAG SCOTLAND PROUDLY MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS. For full info download our pre inspection guide below.