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You can draw up a DIY snagging list yourself if you like. But there are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional snagging company. Professional snagging services can save you a lot of time and hassle and offer a much more comprehensive snagging report. Professional snagging services know the things that go wrong with a new build house or flat most often, and where and what to look for. They know from experience when something is right …. and when something is wrong.
Ideally prior to legal completion. That way the builder has the time and opportunity to remedy snags before you move in. If that is not possible then it should be done as soon as possible after completion. However the snagging inspection can take place at any time in the first 2 years of occupation.
Not always, some house builders have a policy of not allowing snagging inspections prior to completion. However, the inspection can be undertaken immediately after legal completion or at any time in the first 2 years – it doesn’t affect the house builders liability for snags / defects. It is just more inconvenient for you and the builder as the repairs will have to take place while you are living in the property.
A snagging survey is designed to check for problems with a new-build home. Developers should fix problems identified in snagging surveys quickly – ideally before you move in. Unlike traditional house surveys, snagscotland will identify everything from minor issues such as a door that doesn’t close properly or a worktop with a damaged finish to more serious, structural problems.

You will receive our report within 2 working days from the date of inspection.

Payment of the inspection costs will be paid prior to the delivery of the Inspection report.